About Elevated Queens

Here we strive to uplift each other and manifest beauty into our lives.

The beginning of a Queens journey.

So here I sit, thinking back over the past 30 years and am in awe of how I ever survived. Now, I am in a place in life where worrying and being negative isn’t a choice. It’s time to take the pain and throw it in your cauldron and watch it bubble and evaporate into thin air. It’s time for all the sexy Queens to stand up and make the life you want possible!!!

I woke up from a dream where I manifested into a butterfly and flew freely. Then I suddenly realized that mind over matter is one of the most popular sayings but it is the BEST advice you can ever hear. Think about it…. You CAN think anything into existence!! ANYTHING. So Ladies and Fellas, Let’s do this damn thing…. 2018 is OURS!


The Chinese symbol for war is two women under one roof. Why? We no longer need to compete. When Queens unite everything is possible. There is no limit for us. Not even the sky. Let’s get on our space ship and fly. ~~~~~~~~~

All the best,

Elevated Queen

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  1. I love this page. I am so proud of you Kaye Lahni you have made some very hard but great changes. You are strong, hard working, a great mom and just all around an amazing woman. I love how you have changed for the better.

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