Change starts with you!

Life sucks? Change it!

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

– Albert Einstein

It all starts with the person in the mirror.


How do you expect to get what you want and need if you can’t get it yourself? I mean of course everyone needs help at times, but you have to realize that there isn’t anyone else in this world who will invest as much time and energy into you than YOU! So this is why grounding yourself is crucial for your self care. In this article we will touch on basic how to’s to get you started. Once we can get mentally prepared for change we will hit the ground running. What a great way to get the new year started!

Journaling / Vision Boards/ Planner

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

– Buddha

Think back 10 years, where were you? Do you realize that everything you have become is because of the choices you have made? Now, look forward 10 years. Where do you want to be? What thoughts do you have about how to get there? If you are anything like me then you have a million and one things you want to become. We have to learn to compartmentalize these thoughts in order to take the 1st step forward. Baby steps are key in evolution. This is why beginning with pen to paper will ensure that your thoughts don’t get lost. The good thing about journaling is that there are no rules. It’s just you and your thoughts and you don’t even have to let the world in. That’s what the vision boards are for. Vision boards are going to remind you daily of what you want in the end. A daily reminder will help you stay focused. I threw planner in there because keeping yourself on track and setting short term goals will help to pave the way for those of us who suffer from anxiety. I feel disappointed in myself when I skip things I should be doing if I have it written on a Calender. This helps me to keep my own ass in check! Not only are there these ways beneficial in organization, studies have found that writing things down help improve memory and learning. What’s better than learning about yourself?


Having a routine will ensure that your goals are being met. Now, please realize that your goals shouldn’t mainly be monetary. Even though money is important, remember the reason why money is important. It is important to us because it brings what? That’s right happiness, so money isn’t our goal, happiness is. So keep in mind that making money in something you love is pretty damn important. And possible, just set yourself up for success. Having a routine will help you improve. If you think about your life now, think about the routine you follow daily. Now, think about the flaws in your routine. What needs to be manipulated to make your routine easier to follow? That’s right here we go again with baby steps. Change comes along with time. And we only have so much time left on our watches. How will you chose to spend it?

Root Chakra

Root chakra self care

The Root Chakra also known as the Maladhara is located at the bottom of your spine or coccyx. Vibrant in the color red, it is related to survival. Which makes perfect sense if you think about the importance of healthy roots. Whether it be tree roots or family roots. The foundation of who you are needs to be balanced before you can truly be happy, healthy and wealthy. This is why it is important for us to make sure that we are the healer of ourselves and our family. Women were made to create life and nurture it, and this starts with the root that connects us to the divine source or God. So it makes sense that if our Root Chakra is off balance and our connection with source energy is cut off we begin to deteriorate.


Stepping into your power isn’t going to be easy. You may even completely fall apart in order to rebuild. Just remember that your mental and physical health are worth it! By breaking bad habits and checking things off your list you will begin to realize that law of attraction really does work…. Because YOU made it work! Your thoughts are the beginning of your actions. So think happy, positive and nurturing thoughts. You are responsible for watering yourself to grow. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be the best you that you can be. I Promise you that this will be the best thing you do for the world. Once you realize your potential the world will be better for it.





8 Comments on Change starts with you!

  1. Wow! great article! After going through a really stressful part of my life recently, I nearly broke! As you say the only person to pull me out of the brown stuff was myself. Positive thinking and positive mental attitude were the only things to keep me going! Think happy, be happy….

  2. Very interesting read and I agree that no one will put as much time and investment into yourself than you. You are responsible for all change good and bad and you must take responsibility and believe you are capable of great things. Thanks for this info!

  3. Great post!
    I can add write in down, read it, think it and then live it.
    You need to play your higher living in your mind to make it a reality.
    Still don’t think you can do it? Fake it till you make it. Roll play and step in the shoes of who you want to become and then you will transform.

  4. Wow great blog and very uplifting as well, I have a bad foot and I have been laid up for awhile, it is exhausting to feel sorry for myself all the time and without your post today I still would be doing just that. Thanks again.

  5. Sometimes the hard truth is what people NEED to hear before they start making a change in their life. You have hit the nail on the head and I thank you for that.

    The thing is, people like to blame others for the failures/lack of money and large amount of problems in their life. They blame their job, the government, their friends and family, but in the end it is them who are creating their reality – nobody else.

    The moment you take responsibility for your life and your actions, you will begin to notice huge changes in your life. It’s as simple as that.

  6. Great advice! A daily must read to keep on track. So true, thoughts create emotions that create actions, we must chose to have a positive attitude.
    Thank you, truly enjoyed reading it.

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